College Consulting

Crace College Consulting is committed to empowering students to prosper in college and future careers!

We provide a comprehensive College Prep Program designed specifically with YOUR student in mind! To be successful in the college of their dreams, we will help find the best fit for their talents, personality, abilities, and prepare them for THEIR future!

Our Premium Program includes FIVE (5) key steps we take with each student:

  1. Each student is given a minimum of three (3) assessments as part of the process of self-discovery to find their personality and strengths that correlate to the best colleges for them.  We provide each student with a college list which allows students to think about, research, visit, and make application to the colleges with the best academic and social environment that fits who they are.  If you are an athlete desiring to play a college sport, we help you navigate the recruiting process and become eligible for possible D-1, D-2, and NAIA scholarships.  We also assist athletes seeking merit based aid and a small college D-3 athletic experience.
  2. The student is then guided through the full process of preparing for and applying to colleges that will develop their full potential for successful careers. College majors and graduate programs such as business, communications, engineering, mathematics, medicine, science, technology, law, government and the arts etc., are researched and discussed with each of our clients based on their interest and talents.  Matching personality and strengths to college majors and careers leads to future success!  Our process begins with the end in mind and then works back to where the student is currently at.  We not only work on a high school 4 year plan, a college 4 year plan, but also a 40 year plan so that each student has a game plan for long range personal success!
  3. Our college and career guidance system keeps students on pace and on the right track! Through weekly and monthly checkpoints, we monitor the student’s progress from start to final acceptance at several colleges to which the student has applied.  We recommend application to a minimum of five (5) colleges and support applications up to a student’s top ten favorites. This allows us to help each student properly complete their applications on time, craft their personal statements and essays, and prepare for specific college entrance requirements which are unique to each college.
  4. To support this process, each student is given an electronic journal on which to record their observations, reflections, and steps taken regarding each of their potential college choices. We ask our clients to write down the results of their communications with colleges.  Our website also allows them to upload specific documents received from colleges or other sources.  This allows us to keep each student on track while making progress toward key calendar dates for application deadlines, such as SAT/ACT Tests,  SAT II exams, scholarships, and the final acceptance documents.
  5. Our services provide contact with each student face-to-face in our office or via telephone, Google Chat, Zoom, Text messaging or Email. Teaching time management skills and goal setting is unique to our business! Extensive online teaching tools help the students prepare for their SAT or ACT tests, required for potential colleges.  We consult with each student through the entire process.  We take personal pride in each of them, as they graduate from high school and college and ultimately enter the workforce!

SAT/ACT Test Dates

Please contact Donna Crace, Academic Advisor, 503-816-4220, to get started today!