Select a Package

At Crace College Consulting, we offer two consulting packages:

  1. Comprehensive College Consulting Program:

This program is well suited for students in the spring of their Junior year of high school or Seniors who are just getting started. We highly recommend starting earlier, if your student is ready, and actively preparing their college prep courses. The comprehensive consulting fee includes face-to-face time, research time, phone time, and email and text time, etc.  There are usually between 20-25 sessions or meetings with the student and/or parents in this year-round program.  A typical consultant-led session is 60-75 minutes. Following are some of the areas included in this package:

  • Previewing and talking about specific colleges of interest with the student and his/her family.
  • Discussing the application process itself, and assist in the preparation of essays and personal resumés.
  • Stressing the importance of the timeline for college applications; meeting deadlines; getting things done on time!
  • Discussing financial needs and concerns; determining deadlines for FAFSA applications, as well as scholarship applications. Helping families understand the EFC and how financial assistance is determined.
  • Provide personality and career interests testing to assist the student in picking a college that fits all their needs – scholastically as well as personally. NCAA eligibility guidelines, if you are an athlete looking to play college sports.
  • We consult, educate, advise, nurture, and expose students to colleges across America – from 2-4 year college programs to post-graduate programs
  • Program includes subscription to our 24/7 access to our online college search database.  Over 5,000 colleges are in our subscription database!
  • This program is best known as a “continuous care” model. We believe that each student has specific, individual needs and our mission is to help all students succeed in life as well as into their future careers.
  1. Hourly Consulting:

Certain programs and services can be purchased on an hourly basis with Academic Director, George Crace. This includes face-to-face time,  phone calls, texting, emails and Zoom webinars with a student, based upon your request.

This program might best fit a freshman or sophomore who is just starting the college search process and needs to learn about the college planning timeline ahead of them!  This program could work for seniors who need a final consultation before sending in their admissions packets, or turning in their college essays.  It does not include access to college prep online tools.

Choose Your Program

Our programs are not “one-size fits all” and are designed for the individual student’s needs. We recognize that some parents are college-savvy, while others are unfamiliar with the process. We are here to help and guide you and your student through this very important time in each of your lives!  Do not hesitate to start today . . . let us know which plan fits your needs now!

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