“As we started the search for a college prep consulting firm for our daughter who was a senior and homeschooled, we searched the internet for a good fit for her.  George & Donna Crace  (Crace College Consulting) came highly recommended for us and we never looked back!  They accessed her strengths, interests, career possibilities, and best colleges to fit her!

Coach Crace tutored her through the process of preparing for her college entrance exam, as well as working with her on study skills to finish her senior year classes with the highest grade possible!

Donna helped her organize her college resume and edited her “many” essays before the final one was sent! A “great result” for MeiLin was she got accepted to all 5 of the colleges she applied to and their continued help and guidance gave us comfort and peace knowing her final choice was the best one…and she made it with their help!

MeiLin not only reached all her goals, she gained two amazing mentors who sincerely care about her!  We are so thankful and grateful!  If you are in need of help and guidance, as the parent….it is worth every penny to go to Crace College Consulting right away!  We signed up for the full comprehensive package which means we have unlimited access to THEIR help and all their tools and materials!  We highly recommend them as a top college consulting business, but also they have become dear friends and are now working with our younger daughter as she prepares for her journey into college and helping her choose the best career for HER!”

Janet & Duncan McDonald, Parents

“I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know what an amazing experience we’ve had with Crace College Consulting – Donna and George Crace!  They are a wonderful wealth of information specifically in college preparedness. Our son is in his junior year and already he is feeling equipped to handle all of the details and specifics preparing for his college career. George and Donna offer a very personalized family inclusive experience and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a comprehensive, holistic guidance for college exploration!”

Jennifer Robertson, Parent

“Coach Crace taught me that not only getting A’s and B’s are important, but becoming a better person is just as important! He personally taught me “study skills” and helped me prepare my career and college choices when I was just a sophomore!  He mentored me and truly guided me throughout my high school experiences and was there to congratulate me when I left on my LDS Mission!  I know he will be there for me when I come home to prepare for my college and career choices!  Thank you, Coach!”

Sandis C., Student

“When asked to judge a character of integrity, few individuals come immediately to mind as Coach George Crace does!  His leadership is one to command excellence, and to nurture the behavior of each student whether strong or weak, good or bad, and instill a quality into them to discover the truths about choice and the ultimate rewards of happiness.  His wholehearted approach and investment to teach these virtues of life, and explain it while promoting skills in learning, ensures the good character we parents strive to achieve in our children’s intellectual abilities.  I’m so glad our family had the privilege to experience the benefits of his trust, loyalty, and wisdom. Thank you, Coach!”

Julie Makarowsky, Parent