Success Stories

Never Give Up!
Follow MeiLin’s journey from a tragic accident that left her wheelchair-bound to becoming a powerful, college-bound athlete!

Off to College!
MeiLin and Crace College Consulting preparing for her next adventure  — off to college!


Braden Johnson

Braden Johnson
College-bound and Passionate

The time I spent with George & Donna Crace of CRACE COLLEGE CONSULTING was invaluable to me as I started my college application process! Their guidance and knowledge of everything I needed to know, prepare and do in my junior year of high school was beyond my expectations! They both hold a special place in my heart and I always look forward to hearing from them and connecting with them when I come home for college breaks! The Craces are among the most driven and passionate “consulting team” I have known! They have a proven track record in producing successful young men and women as they prepare for that next step in their lives! Not only did they prepare me for college, but also for my future career!

There is no doubt in my mind that the decision my parents made to invest in their services went above and beyond any of our initial expectations! I would recommend them to anyone preparing for college and guiding them through the career planning exploration as well!

Maddie H. 
High-performing, College-bound Student

Maddie came to us as a senior needing assistance to help her research the many possible colleges on her list.  She was a 4.0+ student, a Student Body Officer, and involved in many high school activities, and a track star! We were able to identify her top values in her college choices and compare the track athletic offers she was starting to receive!  This was a huge process comparing the “value” of the scholarships, as well as if the college and coach were a perfect fit for her!  She is now off to college on a Track Scholarship to the college of her 1st choice!  Her personal advice to all parents and students preparing for college is to START EARLY –  ideally, the summer of your sophomore year going into your JUNIOR year…..because Senior Year can really be too late for particular scholarships, as well as the best financial aid packages! Crace College Consulting made her process so much easier….and a lot of fun when she signed her Track offer the spring of her senior year!

Nicole L. 
Struggling High School Student

Nicole was dropping out of a large public high school and not sure she would ever go to college!

Within a few sessions we were able to encourage her and show how she could do her own research to find the best fit college for HER future!  Crace College Consulting helped her complete her high school credits on-line and gain entrance into the college of her dreams!  She has since received her degree in Multiple Interdisciplinary Environment Science!  She worked hard and believed in herself and had parents who supported her along the way!

Zach S.
College-bound Athlete

Zach was an amazing football player and lacrosse player at a large high school and truly did NOT know what he really wanted to play in college! He had great grades but had not taken his SAT/ACT tests at the end of his junior year!  He also did not understand the NCAA eligibility process and guidelines, and also how important his final GPA really was to any athletic scholarships at the level he wanted to play!

Zach realized that with the weekly consultations with Coach Crace, he needed to first find the top 5 colleges that best suited his sports and his career choices……and that took a lot of time and organizational skills to pull it all together going into his senior year!  Zach credits his many sessions with Coach Crace instrumental in him getting into the college of his 1st choice and deciding which sport he truly wanted to pursue in college…..and his only comment to his younger teammates was “don’t wait til your senior year to start your college search… it at the end of your 10th grade and really prepare your junior year so senior year is final applications, financial aid decisions, and celebrations!”

Connor C.
College-bound Engineering Student

Connor knew he wanted to be an engineer and he did not know how many amazing schools he could choose from!  We started working with Connor his junior year and by the spring of his senior year he was accepted into the college of his dreams – Oregon State University!  He was an Eagle Scout and we encouraged him to highlight that prestigious honor on his college resume and essay! His parents also learned a lot about “financial aid packages” for families with more than 1 child going to college….they would have 3 in college his freshman year at OSU! Crace College Consulting helps each family individually prepare for this big financial investment and to also truly understand what the FAFSA was about, how to understand their EFC award, and what it really meant to get a scholarship….and how long was it good for!  Financial Aid “terminology” is one of the biggest questions facing our families today and we work to make this process a lot easier!