Career Exploration and Planning

At Crace College Consulting, we are in the business to grow people to utilize their full potential. Post-secondary planning involves helping students to understand the world of work which can be divided into sixteen (16) different career paths. Research has indicated that an early start in learning about the world of careers is highly advisable given the pace of economic change in the 21st century.  Furthermore, not every student will go directly into a four year college as their post-high school plan.

We start with a look at the 16 career paths as outlined by the US Department of Labor to help students match their personality and talents to multiple careers to be explored. Our database presents thousands of potential careers along with the college majors that will prepare students for future careers.

Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
Arts, Audio/Video Tech & Communications Arts, Audio/Video Tech & Communications
Education and Training Education and Training
Government and Public Administration Government and Public Administration
Hospitality and Tourism Hospitality and Tourism
Information Technology Information Technology
Manufacturing Manufacturing
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
Architecture and Construction Architecture and Construction
Business Management/Administration Business Management/Administration
Finance Finance
Health Science Health Science
Human Services Human Services
Law, Public Safety, Corrections-security Law, Public Safety, Corrections-security
Marketing Marketing
Transportation Transportation

Exploring careers requires that we begin with the big picture and our software allows students to go into great detail and learn about thousands of jobs/careers. Once shown how to find careers, wages, and skill requirements, our students maximize use of our resources. We help the student design a future that taps into their greatest interests and strengths. We offer over 3,500 short career videos with interviews of people who have designed their own unique career path. Our student clients will receive access to multiple career interest assessments and will know how to connect to multiple career paths.