Juniors! Have you started the prep for getting ahead of the typical senior year “where are you going to college?” drama?  Or are you waiting until a year from now to start making decisions about college and life after high school?  Starting college planning by February 1st of your junior year is like the Super-Bowl …it starts with a kick-off.    Plan to kick-off college preparations by contacting your high school counselor and an independent educational consultant NOW!  Not counting today, there are only 5 days left until Feb. 1st!

You have approximately 300 days before getting all your applications and essays completed.  Use the next 10 months up through November 2018 to take all the action steps that put you ahead of the college search and admissions game.  You have a dream, take steps NOW that move you closer to achieving that dream!  Dreams do come true, but what’s also true is the dream must be owned by you.  You must find your passion … your why!  It is your junior year, so do something to make those dreams come true. Find your college admissions coach and get to work! The college you desire has a name so  Name It and Claim IT!  Dream Big!  Take a risk!  Commit and the world responds if your heart is true to you and the path you were created to follow!

So many plans fail because people fail to plan.  The journey to college begins with a 5 step plan.  First know yourself (take self assessment surveys).  Second step: Take either the SAT or the ACT test during the early spring and then again in late spring (June).  Step 3 … begin your list of schools, don’t worry about the details of the school, just start listing schools where you may have an interest in pursuing.  Step 4… After careful research and consulting with others, narrow down your list to a minimum of five good choices that match you and apply to these colleges.  Step 5 is the most fun and maybe the most difficult.  You choose from among the schools that send you acceptance letters.  You let go of the other choices and choose the school that is right for you for academics, social atmosphere, and affordability.

Coach C.R.A.C.E. (College Readiness And Career Exploration)